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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 7, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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good monday morning. coming up on "early today." chicago's rain of gunfire continues with over 60 people shot during this fourth of july weekend alone. weather around the globe is taking its toll, including tornadoes, flooding and even a super typhoon. enhanced security measures at airports continue with a focus on cell phones, computers and tablets. airplane parts go flying as a train derails. most americans skip the summer blockbusters at the movies. and a wild weekend in sports. it is monday, july 7th. "early today" starts right now. good morning.
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i'm dara brown. it was a violent holiday weekend in chicago with more than 60 people shot, seven of them now dead. at least one of the people killed was a 16-year-old. police say he was armed, pointing his gun at officers, and wouldn't put his weapon down. witnesses disagree saying the police went after the wrong person. >> they were running and no one stopped to pursue him. they just went in on this one kid. 16 years old. >> birthday next week. >> more than one officer. >> more than one officer shot this boy. this kid. >> of the seven deadly shootings over the weekend at least two of them were police involved. the "chicago tribune" has an updated map which shows where all the shootings have taken place in the city so far this year. since january 1st, there have been more than 1,100 shooting victims. >> a line of severe storms passed through central iowa sunday night. the national weather service received reports of tornadoes in at least three counties. this one was captured on tape by storm chaser near the town of
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traier, an hour northwest of cedar rapids. so far, no reports of any injuries. if you're coming to get united states from overseas, you may want to make sure your cell phone is charged. that's because the tsa has announced strict new security rules for electronic devices at some overseas airports with direct flights to the u.s. officers may now ask you to turn on your cell phone, tablet and laptop. if it's not charged up, it won't be allowed on the airplane. u.s. intelligence officials are concerned that al qaeda could produce a bomb in an an electronic device that could go undetected. since last october more than 220 immigrants have died crossing the border. more than 52,000 unaccompanied children have been detained. nbc's stephanie gosk has more on the many, many children who have made the 1,000-mile trek to america.
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>> reporter: the swrurny really begins here. adults are allowed to cross into guatemala legally, but the children are not. so it comes to a point that the border patrol calls blind spots literally that they can't patrol. on the other side of this river is guatemala. if they make it across, they'll have a more than 1,000-mile journey. to get to the u.s. they will have crossed three borders and faced countless dangers. among them drug cartels, bandits and los coyotes who say they're going to help them and often end up taking their money. almost all say it is worth the risk. because they are confident what they will find where they are going is going to be better than what they're leaving behind. stephanie gosk, nbc news on the guatemala border. the obama administration is seeking ways to cope with the tens of thousands of children entering the u.s. illegally. on "meet the press" sunday secretary of homeland security
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jay johnson told nbc's david gregory that officials should be soon able to stem the tide. >> our message to those who come here illegally, our border is not open to illegal migration. and we are taking a number of steps to address it, including turning people around faster. >> johnson said processing adults who have entered the country illegally is being set up. but kids who cross the border by themselves are a different story. he said, we, quote, have to do right by the children. meanwhile the government is spending $1 million on a new ad campaign in central america. it's to warn parents that it's dangerous to send kids to the united states alone. the public service announcements will run on radio and television in el salvador, honduras and guatemala through september. in the middle east, the group hamas is vowing revenge for an israeli air strike in gaza who killed seven of their members. rockets were fired from israel overnight.
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two militants from a different group were also killed in a separate strike. meanwhile, more violent protests in jerusalem and israeli-arab towns on sunday. they were in response to a 16-year-old palestinian-american boy killed last week in retaliation of the murders of three israeli teens. suspects arrested have reportedly confessed to the murder. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu condemned the killing and promised to prosecute those responsible. also, a 15-year-old palestinian-american boy visiting jerusalem from florida has been released from police custody after paying a fine. his case drew international condemnation after video showed israeli police beating the young man almost to the point of unconsciousness, he said he was beaten for no reason. japan is bracing for a rendezvous with a super typhoon that's being called a once in a
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decade storm. the dangerous typhoon already has winds up to 155 miles per hour. that's the equivalent of a high-end category 4 hurricane. it is expected to reach okinawa on tuesday. and now for a look at the weather here at home here's meteorologist jeanette calle. good morning, jeanette. >> speaking of that super typhoon, given the track of that storm and also the location of that airport space, that's where the strongest and most devastating winds are expected that will be late today into tuesday. meanwhile, across the west coast, things are looking a-okay. typical morning. clouds from san francisco to l.a. sunshine in the afternoon. thunderstorms will continue to fire up as we head throughout the course of the afternoon and evening hours across the four corners, especially the phoenix area, and i believe those thunderstorms will be pushing into albuquerque by tuesday. thunderstorms not only bringing beneficial rain, but it could be too much rain in a short period of time, so there could be some localized flash flooding. that's your national forecast.
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now here's a look red mruf. sacramento sees temperatures at 102, and tucson, spotty afternoon thunderstorms. and that's your monday forecast. dara, things are pretty quiet here in the west. just some severe thunderstorms possible in parts of the midwest today as well. >> looks like it's heating up. nothing like bringing july with 100 degrees out there. thank you, jeanette. tgi friday's takes a risky move. which state drinks the most beer? shooters in colorado where the waitresses are locked and loaded. a frightening fly-by that has spectators shaking. you're watching "early today."
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welcome back. is this the face of the militant group isis? iraq's security agencies are analyzing this video which can't be independently authenticated by nbc news. it appears to show the insurgent leader abu bakr al baghdadi delivering a sermon in the city of mosul. sunnis extremists have forcibly seized land in northern iraq over the past month. in the u.s. an utter tragedy. that's what people are saying about the death of a southern california lifeguard. authorities say 32-year-old ben carlton was trying to rescue a swimmer in tough water. he was hit by a ten-foot swell and later drowned. people in the midwest are bracing for heavy rains and flooding this week. in iowa, the army corps of engineers rush to save a dam. people pile sand bags to protect themselves from already swollen rivers. some mandatory evacuations are in effect. thousands of people pack the streets of pamplona spain ahead of the annual running of the bulls. the first event started hours
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ago. already four people were taken to the hospital. one woman was bored in the side. it is not for the faint of heart. a charging bull can reach a top speed of around 40 miles per hour. and a close call for spectators at an english air show. oh, that turkish f-16 passed so insanely low it could have given some of the people a haircut. watch, the man in orange never flinches. in health news this morning, which u.s. state drinks the most beer? well, a new study from the beer marketers insight gets to the bottom of that glass. north dakota grabs the top spot. the adult consumes an average of 43 gallons of sudden suds in 2013. new hampshire, montana, south dakota and vermont round out the top five. and at the bottom of the list, utah. on average, they drink less than half of what north dakotans did. >> announcer: "early today" is brought to you by vagisil, the
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experts in intimate health. let's go to courtney reagan. good morning. >> good morning, dara. the markets returned from the holiday weekend looking to build on last week's gains. the dow closing above 13,000 on thursday following a strong jobs report that you is a the economy add 288,000 workers in june and unemployment brought to 6.1%. this week minutes from the last fed meeting and earnings from wells fargo. tgi friday's is launching an endless appetizer promotion as it tries to boost sales. you can get unlimited refills for $10 per person. sharing, though, is discouraged. analysts say the offer may backfire and customers may take an unfair advantage. transformers tops the fourth of july box office, but not all is well at the movie theater. ticket sales are down 20% this summer due to a lack of major blockbusters. box office receipts are down 4% for the entire year. dara, back to you. >> thanks.
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a train derailment sent boeing aircraft parts into the river. 19 cars derailed sending three 747 fuselages into the river. fortunately, no one was hurt. in japan a single bunch of rube where i rolling luxury grapes sold for $5,500. a bunch gains 30 grapes, so if you are wondering that's $183 for each grape. in colorado a restaurant called shooters grill welcomes not only typical packing customers, but the cook and wait staff are also well armed. they have won 11 mobile choice awards for food and service. while the wait staff brags about top gun tips. just ahead, it was a fantastic weekend for sports, and we've got your highlights up next. curing a yeast infection can take days. relieving the itch.... can happen instantly. vagisil max strength anti-itch wipes relieve itch and odor instantly as they cleanse. so why wait to feel comfortable? trust vagisil.
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this morning on "today," natalie morales goes behind the scenes with the stars of highly anticipated "pitch perfect 2." take a listen. >> reporter: at my set visit, i quickly discovered sequel's first plot point. big hair. first, explain the look. >> what do you mean, the hair? >> yeah. >> the clothes? >> this is how i wake up. >> yes. the bellas are better than ever. >> tears are shed. all the time.
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>> we'll get to see what comes from that movie. now let's get to the latest in sports from francis rivera. good morning, francis. >> dara, good morning to you. derek jeter is now mr. 3400. jeter went 3 for 4 against minnesota on sunday, ending the day with his 3400th career hit. he becomes the eighth player to hit that milestone. jeter will also start at shortstop in this year's all-star game. it is his 14th all-star game of his 20-year career. the top vote getters toronto's jose bautista with 6 million votes and colorado's troy tulowitzki with 5.3 million. fans will decide the final players for the roster. it concludes on thursday. an unexpected hit in a minor league game. here a bird, watch here, flies right in the path of the pitcher getting knocked to the ground.
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unfortunately, though, it does not survive. rest in peace. an estimated 2.5 million streets lined the yorkshire streets for the first part of the tour de france. a crash during stage one led to mark cavendish's exit with a dislocated shoulder. stage two had a few hiccups, but it was an italian rider who wide widened the gap to take the win. kind of an awkward denied kiss. she's turning away. not so much. the final stage in england is today. it's been a magnificent trip here a great example of a great outfit. a role model for many kids. i respect your career and everything you've done and thank you for letting me win today. >> classy, novak djokovic speaking to roger federer there this after beating him for the wimbledon title. djokovic won in five sets to claim his second wimbledon title and his seventh grand slam in his career. now ranked number one in the world. to the coke 400, a few rain delays and then watch this, lap
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97. a major car pile-up. 26 cars get caught up in that mix. a chain reaction sending dirt and mud flying. that's kyle bush's car. it flipped on its roof. busch eventually climbs out and is okay. first time winner aric almirola ends up taking the checkered flag. the whole selfie craze. after the soccer game, he scored a goal and snapped a selfie. it turned out okay. but issuing him a yellow card for showboating. and the espn body magazine will be released friday. this year's edition features surfer coco ho and tennis star venus williams and on the cover, nba's serge ibaka. looking good. dara, back to you. >> thanks so much, francis. just ahead, hear firsthand what it's like to have a run-in with a great white shark, and how former beatle paul mccartney
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radiant. rejuvenated. revlon. ♪ cereal and milk ♪ milk and cereal ♪ cereal and milk delicious kellogg's® cereal and milk. it has protein to help you rebuild, and grains to help you recharge. kellogg's. see you at breakfast. ♪ good monday morning. welcome back to "early today." severe weather over the midwest and northwest. in seattle partly to mostly sunny this afternoon. getting up to 83 degrees. plenty of sunshine from boise to salt lake city with highs getting near to the triple digit mark. meanwhile, las vegas, it's seasonable. partly to mostly sunny with a
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high of 107. meanwhile, pop-up thunderstorms across sections of southern arizona. some of the thunderstorms locally could produce some heavy rain and the strongest storms could produce some pretty gusty winds. >> thanks so much for that update. now it is time for a little pop culture. the legendary pink floyd will be releasing their first new album in 20 years. the album "the endless river" will be out in october. it was 50 years ago on july 5th the booemgtss black and white comedy a a hard day's night". it was their first film, and the digital restoration will dazzle fans who can see it around the u.s. paul mccartney returned to the stage after a brief illness. in albany he helped a 64-year-old man propose in front of 13,000 people. ♪ >> will you marry me?
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>> the couple held signs that read "he won't marry me until he meets you." and also, "i have the ring, and i'm 64." jessica simpson and eric johnson popped more than just fireworks this weekend. the couple who have two children together tide the knot on saturday at their ranch in california. good for her. >> i feel like she's been engaged for so long. i think a lot of her fans have been waiting for this. >> waiting and waiting and waiting. yes. >> it's good because there wasn't a lot of media attention on it. >> i actually -- i didn't know she was getting married this weekend. >> surprise. there you have it. i'm dara brown, and this is "early today." we hope it's just your first stop of the day on nbc.
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leading the news, in "the seattle times," state's retail pot gets rolling tuesday. it's been 20 months since washington state voted to legalize weed and finally on tuesday it goes on sale. but state officials say the demand will oust the supply in early months. and in the latin, gun control pros and cons. new jersey, california lawmakers consider seizures of guns from dangerous persons. both states would allow relatives to confiscate guns from a person if they can prove that person is a danger. some other stories we're following today. a new candidate for the world's craziest human. this is the first guy to test
4:27 am
verruckt, the tallest water slide in kansas city. it's higher than niagara falls. oh, that is so scary. an oklahoma farmer has his cell phone back after its epic journey. he dropped it in a grain bin last october. completely buried it made its way down arkansas to the mississippi river, to new orleans lou the panama canal, and then japan. that's where a worker found it and called the farmer and sent it back. tens of thousands of miles, blooent, it is still in perfect condition. it was a great white shark attack off the manhattan beach in california. tragedy was averted by this young man. as a surfboard rental temp was the first responder when he was attacked by a great white. he jumped right in once he heard screams and was quickly joined by others. >> i saw that shark eyeball to eyeball just like you and i. exactly the same distance, and it came in and bit me.
4:28 am
>> he suffered from both a bite under his arm and a punctured artery and he is well on his way to recovery. frightening moments there. now for a look ahead and a look back. a trial over the $2 billion sale of the los angeles clippers begins today. donald sterling said that his estranged wife shelli did not have the authority to negotiate the sale. on this day in 1981 a historic day for the u.s. supreme court. >> president reagan is expected to make a statement at the white house momentarily. it's widely reported that he will announce his choice to fill the new vacancy on the supreme court. all the speculation is that the president has chosen the first woman to sit on the court. sandra day o'connor, a prominent jurist in arizona. happy birthday to legend michelle quann who turns 34, former beatle ringo starr at 74, and doc, former tonight show
4:29 am
bandleader, turns 77.
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nbc bay area nupz begins with -- news begins with breaking news. good morning i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez. laura garcia-cannon is off this morning. san francisco police are investigating a deadly shooting this morning officers near the intersection of brook dell and livesdale avenue just a few blocks away from the cow palace. >> stephanie chuang is at the scene, give us the latest here. >> reporter: good morning, it is early on, we don't know too much, we know police confirmed this is a homicide and there will be homicide investigators on their way here shortly, but to give you perspective, we are very close to the cow palace on the border of san francisco and daly city. you can see a few patrol cars and san francisco police. they've had


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